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About FDTEu

Some years ago, the European Federation of Tourist Guides (FEG) in order to guarantee that the visitor is guided by a qualified tourist guide and knowledge of the area to be visited, decided to take the step to encourage and support the creation of a portal to offer such guarantees: Qualified TOURIST GUIDES and with a direct relation with the customer.

Of this need that the market demands of having qualified tourist guides who offer quality service comes Fair Deal Tours Europe (FDTEu). A group of knowledgeable professionals launched this project with the support of FEG.

You have before you a powerful search tool that will help you learn any European city and by a real qualified tourist guide

Therefore, if you’re looking for a qualified tourist guide throughout the whole of Europe, THIS IS YOUR SITE !!!


The new web portal is already online. It offers you the opportunity to search practically, throughout the whole of Europe, qualified tourist guides and with the support of FEG. You can search members of all qualified tourist guide associations, per country, area and the language you’d like to be guided in.

This web portal is a unique and useful tool for private tailor-made guided tours, group trips, for travel agents and tour operators, for schools and other educational institutes, for any kind of enterprise or individual who wishes to find the perfect guide they need. 

You yourself can check the CV of tourist guides, their special interests and the tours each tourist guide proposes to you, register and contact him/her directly by email. No commissions charged, no intermediates to be paid, just you and the tourist guide you choose. You decide your itinerary, tourist guide, date, time and place with just a few clicks. 

All of our members registered on this portal http://www.toptouristguides.com have to sign the FEG Code of Conduct and to comply with the strict Fair Deal Tour rules in order to be included in this portal. Furthermore, there are no amateurs or any non-qualified so-called “guides” pretending to be official tourist guides anyplace. All our members are certified tourist guides, and depending on the country with the due credit & members of their own national tourist guide associations, being members of FEG

Experience a unique experience & live the qualified interpretation of cultural and natural heritage during all your visits and let us know about them by sending your reviews to our portal.



  • Tours guided by qualified Tourist Guides who provide a product that is clearly and transparently described.
  • The client will pay a reasonable and legitimate fee.
  • The arrangement is just and favourable to both client and Tourist Guide.
  • There is no exploitation by a third party of either tourist guide or client.
  • The Tourist Guide undertakes to comply with a code of professional conduct.
  • Fair Deal Tours promote best practice and an ethical approach to tourist guiding.
  • What you see is what you get!
  • You won't be told the tour is free and then be asked for a specific 'tip'.
  • You won't be taken to 'shops' instead of the sites.
  • You'll always have a qualified Tourist Guide.

"You'll be treated absolutely fairly"