How to attract more customers using Top Tourist Guides


Dear colleague,

from TopTouristGuides we would like to give you some tips so you can reach customers through our portal.

For a client to decide to hire your services he/she must first be able to recognize you. It is therefore essential that you upload on your profile a recent photo of yours. Another crucial element of confidence and that makes it different from other similar sites is that you add your credential/accreditation as tourist guide. This element we believe is defining what your profession is. Of course, it is important that you indicate which languages you speak, your fees (if you like) and services you provide (if you offer transportation, for example). The other fields are also important because they give information about who you are, what was your work experience, your interests. The more complete your profile, the more they are going to trust in you.

To help with this process, we have created a progress bar that indicates the quality of your profile. This bar can see it when editing your profile just above the form. It can be red, orange or green, like a traffic light, and indicates by percentage how much you've completed. Furthermore, in the red box that might appear just below the progress bar will show you what topics you still have to complete.



But it is not only important that you complete your user profile but also ESSENTIAL that you also add your excursions for the potential guest to get to know and hire your services. In this regard, we have also added a bar similar to the tours progress.



In TopTouristGuides we have noticed that many tour guides add their tours but we believe they forget to activate the excursions to be seen by potential guests. For a tour to be visible the status must be "green".



From TopTouristGuides we encourage you to complete your profile and add your excursions. We continue working for you. And remember:


"Open your customers the door to their dreams"


Kind regards,

Carlos Ortega
+34 609061551

CEO Fair Deal Tours
Past President of FEG (2009-2015) and Executive Officer (2004-2009)

Past President of CEFAPIT (2000-2009)
Current President of APIT GC and COINTUR SCL


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Comments (2)

  • anon

    I am a guide from Scotland who has just joined your website. I would really like to see a tour category filter for film or film locations, as that is becoming very popular with visitors in Scotland.

    Mar 03, 2016
  • anon

    Dear Jane Roy,

    Your suggestion to have Film location as a category has been taken into account and now we have it as requested.

    Thanks four your feedback,

    Carlos Ortega

    Mar 06, 2016

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