The importance of publishing attractive tours in your guide profile


Dear Colleague,

every day there are more tourist guides who join TTG (Top Tourist Guides) portal receiving reservation requests of tours / excursions offered by them in the portal.

From TTG we´ve also seen a considerable increase in the publication and presentation quality of the tours offered by many tourist guides.

However, TTG wish to offer you maximum visibility and for this purpose we need your cooperation. Ask yourself: “What would you look for if you were a tourist in another country or city?Statistics do not lie: the tourist seeks to know / discover something specific (museum, monument, attraction, tour ...) and therefore seek a particular tour or a prominent attraction in a given area.

You got to know exactly that in order to get the attention of the public out there, you must effort yourself to a full extent and fulfill two basic requirements for tourists to find what you offer, namely:

1. Publish attractive tours with good pictures and an interesting description.
2. Create a profile that reflects what you offer as a tourist guide and why hire you for that tour or visit in particular.

Help us to help you with this small and great contribution.



Carlos Ortega

Top Tourist Guides Team


PS: If it helps, look at the different profiles featured on the cover.

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  •'s picture

    Dear Carlos
    I did not understand where to publish a description of my tour ...
    do I have the possibility to ahve also a profil in german ( my profil si written in french)
    Armelle Villepelet

    Jun 02, 2016

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