What customers are looking for in our Portal?


Dear TG,

In Top Tourist Guides we found out that only 30% of the Tourist Guides (TG) registered in the portal have introduced some tour in their profile.

If you are part of that 30%: congratulations!!! Do not think that all the work is done because we have also noticed that there are serious shortcomings in completing the tour (not put the location, for example). Such errors would rule the tour in a search.

If you are not among the TG that have introduced a tour, we strongly recommend that you do it. According to our statistics 74% of searches in the portal refer to tours. This means that the customer preferably looks for a tour rather than a TG.

Therefore, deciding to hire your services, besides having a well-filled user profile, is that you specify your tours as complete as possible.

Explore within the portal and see how other TG have completed their profile. On the cover there is a section of "outstanding Guides," possessing an outstanding profile.

Finally, simply remind you that TopTouristGuides differentiation from other similar portals have been comprised by Qualify TG. Therefore, do not forget to add your accreditation in your profile.

We await your suggestions,

Carlos Ortega
CEO TopTouristGuides.com

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